The Infiorata: Celebrating Art and Tradition

Along the enchanting Riviera dei Fiori, the Infiorata Festival, on June 2nd this year, stands out as a spectacular expression of local artistry and community spirit. This article post explores the essence of the Infiorata, offers a glimpse into its history and artistic process, and suggests why this might be the perfect time to consider this location for your next home purchase.

What is the Infiorata?

The term “Infiorata” translates to “decorated with flowers” in Italian. This event is deeply rooted in Italian culture, dating back centuries as a way to celebrate religious and significant local festivities. In particular, the festival is closely aligned with the Feast of Corpus Domini, creating a vibrant path of beauty and faith crafted from flowers. Each year, streets in cities like Imperia and Diano Marina are transformed into stunning floral tapestries, where the ground itself becomes a canvas for masterpieces made from petals, leaves, and seeds.

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Golf, Glamour, and the Italian Riviera: The 3rd LiguriaHomes Casamare Golf Cup Awaits You

The prestigious LiguriaHomes Casamare Golf Cup is set to thrill golf enthusiasts once again with its third edition. This year, the event escalates in excitement and will be held at the renowned Circolo Golf degli Ulivi in San Remo on June 15th and 16th 2024. Participants will enjoy the challenge of Stableford rules on the first day and Louisiana rules on the following day, playing in teams of two.

This exclusive tournament not only allows players to compete on one of Italy’s most historic and picturesque golf courses but also offers them the chance to secure complimentary green fees by being among the first to confirm their participation.

Tournament Format

  • Day 1 (June 15th): Golfers will play under Stableford rules, a scoring system that favors consistent play, allowing competitors to accumulate points based on their performance per hole.
  • Day 2 (June 16th): The competition heats up with Louisiana rules, adding an exciting twist with a team-based stroke play that brings both strategic depth and unpredictability.

Additional Perks

Post-tournament, the Club House will open its doors for refreshments, providing a perfect environment for relaxation and networking among players and spectators alike.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

Mark your calendars for a weekend filled with competitive golf, sunshine, and camaraderie on the beautiful Italian Riviera. For more details and to secure your spot, please reach out to us.

Contact Information:

The team from LiguriaHomes Casamare will be on-site throughout the event to assist with any real estate inquiries in Liguria and beyond. Whether you are in the market to buy or explore investment opportunities, we are ready to provide expert advice and insights.

Do not miss out on this exceptional blend of sport and luxury lifestyle opportunities. Confirm your participation today and join us for what promises to be another memorable edition of the LiguriaHomes Casamare Golf Cup!

Visit our website at, and join the elite at LiguriaHomes Casamare for a spectacular weekend of golf and networking in one of Italy’s most scenic locations.

Aperçu et prévisions du marché immobilier en Ligurie occidentale, Italie

Dynamiques et tendances du secteur immobilier de la Ligurie occidentale

“De 2015 à 2023, l’aperçu immobilier de la Ligurie occidentale, en Italie, a affiché une évolution convaincante de la dynamique des transactions, marquée par une interaction entre les acheteurs italiens et étrangers, et un attrait croissant pour les biens immobiliers de premier ordre de la région.” selon Matteo Scandolera, directeur général de LiguraHomes Casamare.

Au départ, le marché de la Ligurie présentait un attrait équilibré pour les clients italiens et internationaux. Cependant, un changement s’est produit au fil du temps, avec une augmentation constante des transactions internationales, renforçant la position croissante de la Ligurie occidentale sur la scène mondiale.

“Cette augmentation témoigne de la désirabilité de la Riviera italienne, motivée par son style de vie, sa culture et son potentiel d’investissement. Au fur et à mesure de l’évolution du marché, la répartition des transactions entre acheteurs italiens et étrangers s’est stabilisée, ce qui témoigne de l’attrait exercé par les différentes catégories démographiques”, note M. Scandolera.

Nouveaux développements maritimes redéfinissent le paysage côtier de la Ligurie

Récemment, des investissements ont été réalisés dans des ports de plaisance nouveaux et améliorés le long de la côte de la Riviera italienne. L’opérateur de ports de plaisance haut de gamme D-Marin a racheté deux nouvelles marinas, Marina degli Aregai, l’une des plus grandes de Ligurie avec 961 postes d’amarrage, et Marina di San Lorenzo avec 268 postes d’amarrage.

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2023 Real Estate Market Insight and Forecast in West Liguria, Italy

Insightful Dynamics and Trends in West Liguria’s Real Estate Sector: Overview

From 2015 to 2023, the real estate landscape in West Liguria, Italy, displayed a compelling evolution in transaction dynamics, marked by a significant interplay between Italian and foreign buyers, and an increasing draw towards the area’s prime real estate, according to Matteo Scandolera, Managing Director of LiguraHomes Casamare.

Initially, the West Liguria market presented a balanced appeal to both Italian and international clients. However, there has been a notable shift occurred over time, with a steady increase in international transactions strengthening West Liguria’s growing position on the global stage.

At times out performing the rest of Italy in terms of proportion of international sales, Scandolera notes: “This rise speaks volumes about West Liguria’s desirability, driven by its lifestyle, culture, and investment potential. As the market has evolved, a stabilization in transaction distribution between Italian and foreign buyers emerged, reflecting a matured appeal across diverse demographics.”

Real Estate Market trend in Liguria

Most recently, investment has been seen in new and improved Marina’s along the Italian Riviera coast. Premium marina operator D-Marin took over two new marinas, Marina degli Aregai, one of the largest in the Liguria with 961 berths and Marina di San Lorenzo with 268 berths. Both marinas have addition attractions, including restaurants and hotel.

In January 2024, it was announced that Marina Development Corporation (MDC), which is at the helm of the brand new Marina Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia, is partnering with Chastworth Schools to operate and manage the Borgo del Forte Campus, a large purpose-built international educational and sports campus.

Simultaneously, the redevelopment of San Remo’s old marina area is underway, promising to redefine the city’s waterfront. Porto Vecchio revitalization will include enhancing public spaces, improving marina facilities, and introducing commercial and recreational amenities.

“Such developments are designed to invigorate the area, making it a more attractive destination for residents and visitors alike, creating a positive impact on property values and investment opportunities”, Scandolera comments.

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San Remo Music Festival 2024

The charming city of San Remo, which is tucked away in the heart of the Italian Riviera, is getting ready to host the prestigious San Remo Music Festival once more as the winter chill starts to melt. The 74th edition of this legendary event will light up the Teatro Ariston from February 6–10, 2024, extending its heritage as one of Italy’s most anticipated and respected musical festivities.


The San Remo Music Festival, officially known as the Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo, has been a cornerstone of Italian culture since its inception in 1951. Over the years, it has launched the careers of numerous Italian music legends and continues to be a platform for both established and emerging talents. The festival’s influence extends beyond Italy’s borders, having inspired the Eurovision Song Contest, where many San Remo winners have represented Italy on the international stage.

This year’s festival promises an eclectic mix of music, showcasing a diverse range of genres and artists. The lineup includes both new faces and seasoned performers, each bringing their unique style to the Ariston stage. The competition will unfold over five nights, with each artist presenting original songs, culminating in a grand finale where the winner will be crowned based on jury and public votes.

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Premier International School Opening Soon in West Liguria

The renowned international education services provider Chatsworth Schools and Marina Development Corporation (MDC), a pioneer in urban regeneration focused on regions associated with tourism ports and leisure, have announced a ground-breaking partnership. With this collaboration, an international school will soon be established on the Borgo del Forte Campus in Ventimiglia. This initiative is in line with MDC’s larger goal of reviving the Ventimiglia waterfront.

Credits: Marina Development Corporation

A key component of the area’s revitalization, this international school is expected to start in September 2026, subject to clearance from the Municipal Council. It will be a part of the renovation of the old Campasso railway yard, which will turn a 42,000 square metre area into a flourishing centre for community and education. The school is positioned as a distinctive educational destination for students from the neighbouring regions, including Genoa, Monaco and Nice, because of its strategic position behind the naturalistic area at the mouth of the Nervia River.

Up to 800 students between the ages of 3 and 18 can be accommodated on the campus in a multi-story building that is surrounded by a public park. In addition to meeting educational demands, the facility will provide substantial sporting facilities that are open to the public, such as a contemporary gym, an indoor pool and a multipurpose space for different activities.

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