Parasio, das Historische Herz Von Imperia

Imperia ist eine Stadt, die viele faszinierende und landschaftliche Plätze bietet. Einer der charakteristischsten Orte, die man besuchen sollte, ist zweifellos Borgo Parasio in Porto Maurizio.

Die historische Siedlung schmiegt sich an die Landzunge, die das Meer überragt, und besteht aus alten Palazzi und typischen ligurischen “Caruggi”, die eine charmante und romantische Atmosphäre verbreiten; das Gebiet ist größtenteils eine Fußgängerzone und spiegelt die traditionellen Dörfer der Riviera dei Fiori wider; die Caruggi öffnen sich unerwartet auf herrliche Plätze und Piazzas mit einem unglaublichen Blick auf die blaue Weite des Meeres.

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Агенство нерухомості в Лігурії, Італія

LiguriaHomes Casamare – це агентство нерухомості, розташоване на “Італійскій Рив’єрі”, у західній частині регіону Лігурія, яка проходить від кордону з Францією та Князівством Монако до провінції Савона.
Лігурія – це одне з найкращих місць усієї Італії: ідеальна гармонія між чудовими пляжами, смачною гастрономією, старими містами, природою та архітектурною красою.


З моменту свого заснування в 1991 році команія LiguriaHomes Casamare розвивала свою професійну діяльність із високим рівнем професіоналізма та етики.
Її прогрес у секторі нерухомості був очевидним і поступово вона стає однією з провідних компаній у сфері нерухомості в провінції Імперія, яка налічує 4 офіса, разташовані у містах Бордігера, за адресою Via Vittorio Emanuele 96, Оспедалетті, на Piazza IV Novembre № 6, Санремо, на Via Matteotti 143 та Імперія, на Piazza De Amicis 15.

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Imperia Classic Yacht Regatta

Vele d’Epoca Imperia 2022

The Imperia Classic Yacht Regatta “Vele d’Epoca” was born in 1986 and every two years the appointment with the beautiful queens of the sea is renewed: three days of regattas in which you can admire the vintage sails plowing the sea in all their splendor and elegance.

For the occasion, on the quay of the port of Imperia you can take a suggestive dip into the past and walking on the piers where you can admire the moored sailing ships, breathing in the scent of the wood of their masts in a such suggestive place.

To complete the event there will be photographic exhibitions, shows, music and cuisine, and the wonderful fireworks display for the final evening.

So the appointment is at the Marina “Calata Anselmi”, from 8th to 11th September 2022.

To find out the complete program of the event, you can consult this link:

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Imperia Province is confirmed as the best climate in Italy

According to the new study from “Il Sole 24 Ore”, Imperia province enjoys a high number of sunny days – equal, or more, to the one in Southern Italy – even during wintertime.

The updated “Indice del clima”, the report by Il Sole 24 ore based on 10 different weather parameters (days of sun, days of rain, days of strong wind, humidity, etc) calculated over the period 2011 – 2021, has crowned again the province of Imperia as “Best Climate in Italy”.

The Province of Imperia is ranked #1, followed by Bari and then Pescara.

The complete Report can be seen on the following link: 

To know more about the special and unique micro-climate in West Liguria, the best climate in Italy, take a read here:

Holiday homes: Italians choose San Remo

Buying an holiday home in 2022 is a choice of many Italian families and couples and the priority is to stay in Italy. For a question of distance, certainly, but also of cost, comfort and above all beauty. In Italy we really have something for all tastes and many destinations also have an unbeatable historical and cultural relevance.

A seaside property is par excellence the place to relax and many Italians choose a destination that can be reached even for a simple weekend break.

Cost certainly plays a fundamental role in the choice of a seaside resort, but this is not the only parameter. The second most important is in fact distance, followed by the size of the house. Many then have specific needs, such as proximity to a beach or to a Marina or to a certain type of service. Therefore, practical choices dominate, as well as the choice of the best destinations.

Which locations do Italians prefer?
According to “Il Sole 24 Ore“, among the locations preferred by Italians in this first half of 2022, those who live in the north, clearly more distant from the sea and therefore with a greater need for a beach house, certainly stand out. On the other hand, those who live in the centre-south tend to have the sea closer and can decide to go there even in the day.

For this reason, Liguria certainly stands out in the ranking of the ten favourite destinations, capable of combining functionality, distance and cost.

In fact, in first place in this special ranking we find San Remo, followed by two destinations in Lazio, Anzio and Terracina. We then return to Liguria with Chiavari and Rapallo, then Comacchio in Emilia-Romagna and Monopoli in Apulia. Lerici, once again in Liguria, and Montesilvano in Abruzzo close the ranking.

The territorial distribution is evident, with a large Ligurian representation against two destinations close to the capital, two others from the south on the Adriatic side and only one in Emilia-Romagna.

Space, quality of life, an outdoor lifestyle, and cultural amenities, all of which are typical of Italian living, have risen to the forefront of many buyers’ minds in recent years.

And Liguria can add to the above the best climate in Italy, the most pristine waters and easy accessability by air with the proximity of Nice International Airport and Genoa airport, by car from France, Britain, Suisse and Germany and also by train.

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