San Remo Music Festival 2024

The charming city of San Remo, which is tucked away in the heart of the Italian Riviera, is getting ready to host the prestigious San Remo Music Festival once more as the winter chill starts to melt. The 74th edition of this legendary event will light up the Teatro Ariston from February 6–10, 2024, extending its heritage as one of Italy’s most anticipated and respected musical festivities.


The San Remo Music Festival, officially known as the Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo, has been a cornerstone of Italian culture since its inception in 1951. Over the years, it has launched the careers of numerous Italian music legends and continues to be a platform for both established and emerging talents. The festival’s influence extends beyond Italy’s borders, having inspired the Eurovision Song Contest, where many San Remo winners have represented Italy on the international stage.

This year’s festival promises an eclectic mix of music, showcasing a diverse range of genres and artists. The lineup includes both new faces and seasoned performers, each bringing their unique style to the Ariston stage. The competition will unfold over five nights, with each artist presenting original songs, culminating in a grand finale where the winner will be crowned based on jury and public votes.

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Premier International School Opening Soon in West Liguria

The renowned international education services provider Chatsworth Schools and Marina Development Corporation (MDC), a pioneer in urban regeneration focused on regions associated with tourism ports and leisure, have announced a ground-breaking partnership. With this collaboration, an international school will soon be established on the Borgo del Forte Campus in Ventimiglia. This initiative is in line with MDC’s larger goal of reviving the Ventimiglia waterfront.

Credits: Marina Development Corporation

A key component of the area’s revitalization, this international school is expected to start in September 2026, subject to clearance from the Municipal Council. It will be a part of the renovation of the old Campasso railway yard, which will turn a 42,000 square metre area into a flourishing centre for community and education. The school is positioned as a distinctive educational destination for students from the neighbouring regions, including Genoa, Monaco and Nice, because of its strategic position behind the naturalistic area at the mouth of the Nervia River.

Up to 800 students between the ages of 3 and 18 can be accommodated on the campus in a multi-story building that is surrounded by a public park. In addition to meeting educational demands, the facility will provide substantial sporting facilities that are open to the public, such as a contemporary gym, an indoor pool and a multipurpose space for different activities.

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Les meilleurs restaurants de San Remo pour tous les goûts

Nous vous recommandons : Les meilleurs restaurants de San Remo pour tous les goûts

Nous savons que l’un des plus grands plaisirs de la vie est la bonne cuisine et San Remo a un large éventail d’expériences culinaires à offrir. Et nous, de LiguriaHomes Casamare, nous aimerions vous proposer quelques-uns de nos restaurants préférés qui peuvent satisfaire tous les goûts.

Credit: La Pignese

Pour les amateurs du poisson :

Flipper “, Corso Mombello

Si vous aimez le poisson, le restaurant Flipper est incontournable. Ce restaurant est spécialisé dans les plats de poisson frais, d’origine locale.

Pour les amateurs des pizzas napolitaines :

Al 61“, Via Gaudio

Envie d’une vraie pizza napolitaine ? “Al 61” est la réponse. Leurs pizzas, cuites dans un four à bois, sont une tranche de Naples au cœur de la Ligurie.

Pour les amateurs des pizzas romaines :

Pizzeria I Quattro Amici“, Via XX Settembre

Si vous préférez une pizza plus fine, la “Pizzeria I Quattro Amici” propose une version unique de la pizza italienne la plus classique, légère, croustillante et pleine d’ingrédients frais.

Pour les amateurs des hamburgers :

Manik“, Via Corradi

Pour ceux qui ont envie d’un bon hamburger, Manik est l’endroit idéal. Ses hamburgers gastronomiques sont une fusion de saveurs américaines traditionnelles et de flair italien.

Pour les amateurs de “rostelle” ou d'”Arrosticini” :

White Pony“, Strada Solaro Rapalin

Si vous avez un faible pour les arrosticini, le restaurant White Pony vous propose une expérience à la fois authentique et innovante.

Pour une cuisine raffinée :

Paolo et Barbara“, Via Roma

Pour les occasions spéciales ou lorsque vous voulez simplement vous offrir un luxe, Paolo et Barbara est un restaurant étoilé au Michelin qui offre une expérience gastronomique sans pareil.

La Pignese“, Piazza Bresca

Pour un déjeuner ou un dîner spécial, La Pignese, Piazza Bresca, est une certitude à San Remo. Une ambiance raffinée et une cuisine de qualité vous y attendent.

Pour les spécialités ligures :

A Cuvea“, Corso Garibaldi

Si vous souhaitez découvrir la cuisine ligure locale, A Cuvea, sur le Corso Garibaldi, est votre destination idéale. Des pâtes aux fruits de mer, leur menu est un hommage aux riches traditions culinaires de la Ligurie.

Tipico“, Piazza Bresca

Tipico, sur la Piazza Bresca, est une autre excellente option pour la cuisine ligure. Cette osteria offre une atmosphère chaleureuse et un menu riche en plats locaux.

Nous espérons que ce guide enrichira votre voyage culinaire sur la Riviera di Ponente. À LiguriaHomes Casamare, nous nous engageons à rendre votre vie dans cette belle région aussi agréable que possible. Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez nous contacter par e-mail à l’adresse

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How the Italian Riviera Shaped Davis Cup Heroes

Sunday the 26th of November marked a momentous day for Italian tennis, as our nation triumphed in the prestigious Davis Cup, with Italy sweeping Australia in a remarkable victory. To add to the Italian success of the day on the tennis courts, the gifted Fabio Fognini won a tournament in Valencia in a parallel achievement.

Credit: CNN

These victories are not just a testament to the skill and dedication of our players but also shine a light on the unique cradle of talent that is West Liguria. Matteo Arnaldi, a rising star born and raised in Sanremo, Jannik Sinner, who honed his skills in Bordighera at the renowned Piatti Tennis Center , and Fabio Fognini, a native of Arma di Taggia, all share a common thread – their roots in West Liguria.

West Liguria, renowned for its enchanting beauty and strategic location in Europe, is not just a haven for tourists and property seekers but also a paradise for athletes, particularly tennis players. West Liguria boasts a special microclimate that is exceptionally conducive to year-round outdoor sports. The mild temperatures, which rarely see the extremes of either summer heat or winter cold, provide an ideal setting for continuous training and playing.

The ample sunshine that bathes the region in a warm, golden glow for most of the year ensures that outdoor courts are not just usable, but inviting, almost every day. This consistent weather pattern is crucial for athletes, especially in a sport like tennis where outdoor conditions can significantly impact training and performance.

Furthermore, the minimal rainfall contributes to this ideal sporting environment. Dry conditions mean fewer interruptions and cancellations, allowing for a more consistent training schedule. This is particularly beneficial for developing players who require regular practice to hone their skills.

Whether you are a tennis enthusiast inspired by the recent victories of our local heroes or someone who appreciates the unique charm and climate of West Liguria, we invite you to explore this magnificent region with us. Discover how LiguriaHomes Casamare can help you find your perfect home in this extraordinary part of Italy.

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Sardenaira and Torta di Verdura: A Culinary Journey Through the West Liguria Riviera

Today, we invite you to discover two traditional dishes that embody the true essence of West Liguria cuisine: Sardenaira and Torta di Verdura.

Sardenaira: A Treasure of Liguria Cuisine

Sardenaira has ancient roots and is believed to be influenced by a blend of Provençal cuisine and Neapolitan pizza. However, it has acquired its own distinctive identity in Liguria, where it has become a true symbol of traditional cuisine. It can be enjoyed both as an appetizer and as a full meal, either cold or freshly baked. While it resembles pizza, its texture and taste are closer to focaccia.


Ingredients and Preparation
The base of Sardenaira is a leavened dough, similar to that of pizza but with some key differences. The ingredients for a perfect Sardenaira include tomato sauce, anchovies, black olives, and garlic. These are arranged on a thick, soft dough and baked until golden to ensure the crust’s crispiness.

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A New Era for Tourism in Liguria Has Arrived, With the “Terre del Rossese”

A Significant Partnership for Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

Five Ligurian municipalities—Camporosso, Dolceacqua, San Biagio della Cima, Soldano, and Perinaldo—have joined forces in a ground-breaking attempt to introduce the region’s first territorial trademark, appropriately called “Terre del Rossese“. recently broke the news, and it represents a crucial turning point for the region’s tourism and cultural industries.

The Idea That Inspired “Terre del Rossese”
A complicated region with many traditions and a historic interaction with the environment is the focus of the project, which strives to give it a coherent and coordinated picture. The Fondazione Compagnia San Paolo is helping “Terre del Rossese” establish these five communities as major actors in contemporary domestic and international tourism, in addition to their local economies. The brand is committed to constructing an immersive journey through history, gastronomy, and nature.

A Multiple-Faceted Strategy
The effort includes training programmes for locals, agricultural producers, hoteliers, business owners, and tourism organisations in addition to promotional activities aimed at luring tourists. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees that the brand will leave a lasting impression, helping both the local population and tourists alike.

A Theatrical Trekking Experience as the Opening Event
This complex endeavour will begin on September 16 in Camporosso with a one-of-a-kind hiking spectacular put on by Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse. The event, titled “Di ulivi, vigneti, storie e silenzi” (Of olive trees, vineyards, stories, and silences), attempts to bring the legends, customs, and people of the region to life.

What’s Next for “Terre del Rossese”?
The brand strives to improve the tourism capital of this priceless region while acting as a hub for diverse projects by individual communities. “Terre del Rossese” pledges to provide a cutting-edge tourism experience by spotlighting regional cuisine, hiking routes, and biodiversity.

We at LiguriaHomes Casamare believe that this is a fantastic chance for real estate investors to profit from Liguria’s expanding tourism industry. The “Terre del Rossese” programme is proof of the area’s dedication to environmentally friendly and culturally diverse tourism, making it the perfect vacation and investment destination.

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