Imperia, le Vieux Port

A l’ouest de la ville d’Imperia, en Oneglia, vous pouvez trouver un lieu très spécial : le vieux port de la ville caractérisé par les longues quais appelés “Molo lungo” et “Molo corto” et les pittoresques maison au dessus des porches de “Calata Cuneo”.

Calata Cuneo – Imperia

Il y a quelques années, il été principalement un point commercial et industriel exclusif, un vrai centre d’échange des marchandises dans la ville en synergie avec l’activité principale de la région : la précieuse huile d’olive.

Les deux grandes grues utilisés pour charger et décharger les marchandises sont encore présentes dans la zone et sont suggestives, surtout le soir.

Ces dernières années, le vieux port a enfin été ouvert au public, se transformant ainsi en une zone de grand charme, pleine d’attractions gastronomiques et œnologiques grâce aux nombreux restaurants, bars et bars à vin de grande qualité qui attirent les résidents et les touristes pendant toute l’année. La qualité du slow-food d’Imperia à consommer dans un cadre d’une rare beauté sont très appréciés.

Voici quelques-uns des meilleurs restaurants du vieux port d’Oneglia:

Les quais permettent de grandes promenades et offrent des vues spectaculaires sur la mer et la ville, avec un aperçu agréable sur les arcades de Calata Cuneo et les bâtiments colorés centenaires qui donnent sur le vieux port. De plus, dernièrement le port accueille le marché les mercredis et samedis, une touche supplémentaire de vivacité et d’authenticité à ce lieu magique. Grace à ses paysages uniques, le vieux port d’Oneglia a été aussi choisit comme théâtre de l’une des scènes d’ouverture du film “The Bourne Identity” avec Matt Damon.

Venez visiter notre site, vous trouverez nombreuses offres d’appartements et maisons en vente qui vous permettront de profiter de ces endroits merveilleux:

10 good reasons to visit San Remo

    Our climate is extraordinarily mild in every season. The town is positioned on a gulf in the Ligurian sea, surrounded by hills and is rich with Mediterranean vegetation. These have contributed to make it one of the most famous climate-friendly resorts in Europe with Nice, with its international airport, only 60 km away. The warm and clean seawater, the beautiful beaches, the vivid and bright colours of the landscape, the facilities which enable visitors to play several aquatic sports and the opportunity to observe cetaceans in their natural habitat guarantee visitors a pleasant and relaxing holiday.
    The Riviera’s railway line was designed to hug the shoreline when it was first built in the 19th century. Since then, the main railway line has been relocated underground, and the former line has been turned into a traffic-free cycling route with nearly unbroken views of the sea for about 24 kilometers. Bikers, pedestrians, and joggers all enjoy this car-free coastal route, which is dotted with palm trees, gardens, and beachside cafés. In Sanremo, there are a plethora of outlets to hire a bike, making the city ideal for bikers of all abilities.
    The town overlooks the sea and visitors can walk along its entire length remaining connected to the sea. The centuries-old port has remained active to cater for the fishermen’s boats, whilst the new marina of Portosole, caters for hundreds of yachts from all over the world.
    Everybody is aware of the annual Sanremo Song Festival (Festival della Canzone di Sanremo), which has been taking place in February/March for over 70 years. However, musical events and shows are abundant and of a high level during all seasons but most particularly during summer when the entire town becomes involved. These events take place in the piazzas of the historic town, and in open-air theatres. Another regular event which takes place during Spring is the Flower-float parade. It provides an incredible show, a performance dedicated to Sanremo’s spring everlasting and the local floricultural production.
    It is one of the oldest in Italy and is housed in a good-looking Art Nouveau building in the town’s best suburb, near the grand hotels. Beside the traditional gambling halls, it has a large area with poker machines. Bars, restaurants, a theatre offering a program of theatre shows and concerts further cater for every form of entertainment.
    Sanremo’s shops are rightly famous for their elegance. All the most prestigious names in fashion and perfumerie are represented here, particularly in central Via Matteotti and nearby streets. Shops are often open on Sundays too, and during summer shopping hours extend into the evening. And just outside of town, a short shuttle ride away, is “The Mall Sanremo“, the Riviera’s largest and greatest Outlet shopping center, featuring just about every Italian luxury brand you can think of, from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani to Versace… all at discounted prices!
    Italian cooking is famous worldwide; Ligurian cooking will be a rare find. It consists of simple and tasty ingredients such as fish, vegetables, and herbs seasoned with locally produced olive oil. Ligurian food must be enjoyed with the accompaniment of good local wines – both white and red. There are many restaurants in Sanremo offering a vast selection; from the most sophisticated food to simple yet always excellent pizzas.
    Sanremo isn’t just a holiday destination. It also has a history, which is clearly visible in some parts of the town, such as the historic centre which was built on a hill during the middle Ages. Narrow and steep lanes lead to the church from where one can enjoy an exceptional view. The town centre contains some handsome 1600s buildings: one of these houses the town’s civic museum or “Museo Civico”. The Mediaeval cathedral dedicated to San Siro dates back to the thirteenth century, but most buildings were constructed early in the twentieth century in an eclectic and modern style. The characteristic houses of the fishermen can be found in the area around “porto vecchio” as in many Ligurian seaside towns.
    The period between the “Belle Epoque” and the early post-WW1 years can be rediscovered through a walk which is of historical as well as architectural and botanical interest, starting from Villa Ormond, which is set in a splendid park, past Villa Zirio, where Friedrich the Third, the king of Prussia and the German Emperor lived. Lastly to Villa Nobel, the last residence of the famous Swedish inventor with the same name.
    A few kilometres from Sanremo there are other lovely seaside towns, which are both elegant and vibrant, and the valleys, which run inland from the coast. Here arise picturesque villages surrounded by olive groves where, time seems to have stalled since the previous century, thus nature flourishes and the local food specialties can be tasted.

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Is now a good time to buy a house in Italy?

If you are looking to purchase a home in 2022, Italy could be the place to go. The pandemic has boosted demand in what was already one of the most popular places in the world for second home purchasers – especially Scandinavians, North Americans, and Brits.

Owning a second property in Italy, particularly in Liguria, has several important advantages, ranging from tax incentives to a better quality of life.

The “Flat Tax for Wealthy Foreigners“, which was launched in 2017 to encourage foreign investors, has now evolved into a consolidated instrument to attract wealthy families looking for a home not only for our “Dolce Vita,” but also for tax reasons. This Flat Tax makes Italy a worthy rival to Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland in terms of tax residences and luring investments, acting as an incentive for high-net-worth persons to relocate their tax residences.

Furthermore Italy, and particularly region Liguria, is a safe refuge with low crime rates. Many of the disadvantages of the modern global environment appear to be non-existent at times. When you add in a unique combination of various terrains, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of buying a home in Italy sooner. And along the Italian Riviera there are plenty of lovely coastal destinations to choose from.

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Agencia inmobiliaria Liguria

Agenzia Casamare Liguriahomes es una agencia inmobiliaria situada en la Riviera de la Flores, en la parte occidental de Liguria que va desde la frontera con la Francia y el Principado de Mónaco hasta la provincia de Savona.
Liguria es la mejor combinación de Italia: hermosas playas, excelente gastronomía, cascos antiguos, bellezas naturales y arquitectónicas.

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Die Dörfer des Hinterlandes von Imperia


Die ligurische Riviera ist für ihre Küste bekannt und geschätzt. Mit ihren Stränden, dem kristallklaren Meer und den kleinen Städten, die in den Wintermonaten eine gemütliche Atmosphäre und in den Sommermonaten eine einnehmende Lebendigkeit bieten, ist sie ein beliebtes Ziel für jung und alt.

Nicht jeder weiß jedoch, dass es im ligurischen Hinterland eine Reihe von kleinen Dörfern mit ausgeprägtem historischem Charakter gibt, die aufgrund ihrer Authentizität und ihres unveränderten Charmes einen Besuch und eine Entdeckungstour wert sind. Vor allem die Hügel hinter Imperia sind für ihre kleinen Siedlungen bekannt. Diese zeichnen sich durch gepflegte, manchmal steinerne Häuser aus. Man erreicht sie über schmale Landstraßen, die oftmals durch reizvolle Olivenhaine führen.

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Le nouveau port de Vintimille

A’ “Cala del Forte”, Vintimille, le nouveau Port Touristique, un rêve qui devient réalité !


Photo credit: Sanremonews

Le port a été inauguré le 2 juillet 2021, avec la présence du Prince Albert II e du maire de Vintimille Gaetano Scullino, événement très attendu par les habitants de la ville qui est appréciée par les français et les monégasques pour son marché du vendredi, la mer cristalline, les plages, les restaurants, les boutiques.

Troisième port touristique de la Principauté de Monaco, est un exemple de collaboration transfrontalière qui permettra d’accueillir 178 bateaux à seulement 7,9 milles de Monaco pour satisfaire les demandes d’amarrage et désengorger les longues  listes d’attente des autres ports.

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