Culinary delights in the heart of West Liguria’s countryside

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the West Liguria countryside lies a hidden gem that extends beyond the allure of rustic charm and scenic beauty—the region’s exquisite culinary scene. For those fortunate enough to call this idyllic countryside home, the local restaurants offer an unparalleled experience that marries traditional flavors with a modern twist.

Credit: Umami Restaurant – Badalucco

All the small villages in our countryside offer a unique combination of life and cuisine. Here are our top 3 selections of restaurants and properties:

Buena Vista Restaurant in Cipressa (, a mix of old and traditional flavors mixed with a contemporary style, all blessed by a stunning sea view. Exactly like the real estate opportunities created by a mix of old townhouses and extraordinary Villas. This is our proposal:

U’ Titti restaurant in Lingueglietta (, if you are searching for a Chef who knows perfectly how to put traditional cuisine into modern dishes, this is your place. This villa is an example of how modern furnishings and energy-efficient solutions can bring an old property into the future. This is our proposal:

Umami restaurant in Badalucco (, this name means everything of the chef’s idea, using the know-how of worldwide travel to search for the perfect flavors using traditional ingredients. Our real estate proposal in Badalucco is a cozy Villa totally renovated to search for the perfect meeting point of traditional charm and modern solution, just 15 minutes drive from the sandy beaches or 45 minutes drive from the starting trek for the highest mountain point of the Ligurian Alps.

If you are looking for a place to feel at home, the West Ligurian countryside awaits you.

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