Premier International School Opening Soon in West Liguria

The renowned international education services provider Chatsworth Schools and Marina Development Corporation (MDC), a pioneer in urban regeneration focused on regions associated with tourism ports and leisure, have announced a ground-breaking partnership. With this collaboration, an international school will soon be established on the Borgo del Forte Campus in Ventimiglia. This initiative is in line with MDC’s larger goal of reviving the Ventimiglia waterfront.

Credits: Marina Development Corporation

A key component of the area’s revitalization, this international school is expected to start in September 2026, subject to clearance from the Municipal Council. It will be a part of the renovation of the old Campasso railway yard, which will turn a 42,000 square metre area into a flourishing centre for community and education. The school is positioned as a distinctive educational destination for students from the neighbouring regions, including Genoa, Monaco and Nice, because of its strategic position behind the naturalistic area at the mouth of the Nervia River.

Up to 800 students between the ages of 3 and 18 can be accommodated on the campus in a multi-story building that is surrounded by a public park. In addition to meeting educational demands, the facility will provide substantial sporting facilities that are open to the public, such as a contemporary gym, an indoor pool and a multipurpose space for different activities.

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