Brexit & Second Homes in Italy


The UK’s departure from the EU will have consequences for Brits with second homes in Italy, or for those are looking to buy?

The simply answer is NO: unlike other countries in the EU, as France, in Italy there will be no changes for Brits from 1st January 2021.

Taxation on property in Italy is the same for Italians, EU citizens and non-EU citizens. Same easy rules if you buy, maintain or want to sell your property in Italy, no matter your nationality.

Moreover, considering that tax to pay when you buy a re-sale property and to maintain a property (re-sale or newly built) are calculated on the Tax Value “Valore Catastale” that in Liguria is sensible less (60/70% less) than the Commercial Value, the taxes to pay to buy and to maintain a property along the Italian Riviera are so much less than the ones to be paid in other territories, such as in neighboring French Riviera.

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