Welcome to our new office in San Remo

After 17 years at number 24 of the famous Via Matteotti we moved to number 143 on the same high street, into one of the most iconic building of San Remo: “Palazzo Borea d’Olmo”

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Palazzo Borea d’Olmo is one of the most important Baroque buildings in Liguria. Built during the 15th century this enchanting noble Palazzo assumed its current appearance in the middle of the Baroque period, between the 17th and 18th centuries.

On the south and west facades there are two  marble portals with statues of the “Virgin and Child” and “St. John the Baptist”, works by Fra’ Giovanni da Montorsoli (1507-1563),  a favorite pupil and assistant of Michelangelo Buonarroti. The monumental entrance, in pure Genovese style, features columns and marble balustrades, a short staircase and a harmonious game of vaults. Inside, it is decorated with frescoes by Giovanni Battista Merano (1632 – 1698) and Maurizio Carrega (1737 – 1818). To note, a tiny chapel with marble altar and a statue of the Immaculate Virgin by Giacomo Antonio Ponsonelli.

The Palazzo has shared the vicissitudes of local history for several centuries; it hosted a long series of princes, sovereigns and illustrious men: from Queen Elizabeth of Spain, to King Carlo  Emanuele III, to Jean Honorè Fragonard, to Pope Pius VII, to Prince Philip of Edinburgh.

We wait for you in our real estate agency in San Remo on Via Matteotti n. 143. You can call us at +393349323000 or write an email to info@liguriahomes.com

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