A New Era for Tourism in Liguria Has Arrived, With the “Terre del Rossese”

A Significant Partnership for Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

Five Ligurian municipalities—Camporosso, Dolceacqua, San Biagio della Cima, Soldano, and Perinaldo—have joined forces in a ground-breaking attempt to introduce the region’s first territorial trademark, appropriately called “Terre del Rossese“. Sanremonews.it recently broke the news, and it represents a crucial turning point for the region’s tourism and cultural industries.

The Idea That Inspired “Terre del Rossese”
A complicated region with many traditions and a historic interaction with the environment is the focus of the project, which strives to give it a coherent and coordinated picture. The Fondazione Compagnia San Paolo is helping “Terre del Rossese” establish these five communities as major actors in contemporary domestic and international tourism, in addition to their local economies. The brand is committed to constructing an immersive journey through history, gastronomy, and nature.

A Multiple-Faceted Strategy
The effort includes training programmes for locals, agricultural producers, hoteliers, business owners, and tourism organisations in addition to promotional activities aimed at luring tourists. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees that the brand will leave a lasting impression, helping both the local population and tourists alike.

A Theatrical Trekking Experience as the Opening Event
This complex endeavour will begin on September 16 in Camporosso with a one-of-a-kind hiking spectacular put on by Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse. The event, titled “Di ulivi, vigneti, storie e silenzi” (Of olive trees, vineyards, stories, and silences), attempts to bring the legends, customs, and people of the region to life.

What’s Next for “Terre del Rossese”?
The brand strives to improve the tourism capital of this priceless region while acting as a hub for diverse projects by individual communities. “Terre del Rossese” pledges to provide a cutting-edge tourism experience by spotlighting regional cuisine, hiking routes, and biodiversity.

We at LiguriaHomes Casamare believe that this is a fantastic chance for real estate investors to profit from Liguria’s expanding tourism industry. The “Terre del Rossese” programme is proof of the area’s dedication to environmentally friendly and culturally diverse tourism, making it the perfect vacation and investment destination.

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Wine in Sanremo, the wine festival from 10 to 12 October

‘Taste the emotions’: this is the slogan that will accompany the first edition of Wine in Sanremo, event to be held in the city of flowers, October 10 to 12 2015; for experts in the field as well as fans with the intent to promote a broad and multi-faceted culture of wine characterized by one common denominator: the thrill of tasting and discovery.

The heart of the event will be in the Palafiori where, starting from October 10, 11 a.m. , the Wine Salon in Sanremo will open to the public and will host more than 100 producers from various regions of Italy and over 600 wines for tasting.

Invited companies were selected from the excellence of Italian wine, a selection deliberately diversified by origin and type of the producers involved, in order to offer the visitor the widest overview in the world of wine. And it is in this light that the Palafiori hosts a calendar of important tastings led by a sommelier AIS and FISAR, unique opportunities to get to know some excellence of the Italian wine scene: among the leaders we have the Rossese of Dolceacqua and the Muscat of Taggia, pearls of Imperia’s territory, but also a tasting dedicated to the combination of grappa and cheese by ONAF and dedicated to the thirty years of the famous Barbera Bricco Uccellone.

Wine in Sanremo also offers a full program of events beside the expo designed to build a dialogue around wine. The program includes a retrospective of the films of Jonathan Nossiter Mondovino and Natural Resistance but also presentations and conferences devoted to wine and health. From cinema to research, from sports to wellness: Wine in Sanremo, through a program of rich events offers the audience a wide range of ideas to look at wine from new and different perspectives.

The complete program is available online at: www.wineinsanremo.it

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