Ospedaletti Waterfront

This will be the waterfront in the next future:

– new sandy beaches: Summer 2008

– new Port (350 yachts berths): Summer 2011

New port

new sandy beaches


    Dr. Pawlik

    Please send me more information about Ospedaletti Waterfront:
    Port, Houses, Appartments

    Dr. Juergen Pawlik


    Dear Dr Pawlink,
    at today the price list is not ready.
    Into the Port will be available:
    – 350 yacht berths (max 33 mt LOA)
    – Shops and commercial areas
    – apartments (1/2 bedroom) in Residence
    – 128 Hotel Suites
    – Car spaces and garages

    You can already make a free reservation and the day that the price list will be ready you will decide if going on with the purchase or not, with no hidden cost. Let me know in what you are interested in and I will give you more details.

    You can find a selection of properties for sale (Flats and Villas) on our website http://www.liguriahomes.com

    Best regards
    Matteo Scandolera

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