The 55th edition of Rallye Sanremo

San Remo is ready to get (again) under the spotlight

Pity the roulette wheel gets only to number 36, otherwise 55 would have been the number to bet on. The 55th Rallye Sanremo highlight will be the Stage “Ronde”, a classic of the Town of Flowers rally, and this year will be…55 km long.

The 55th edition of Rallye Sanremo, penultimate event of the 2013 European Rally Championship and last event of the Italian Rally Championship, is about to start. This year Rallye Sanremo is valid also for the Citroën Racing Trophy, the Twingo R2 Gordini “TOP” 2013 Trophy and the Suzuki Rally Cup.

The stages use narrow, mountainous roads overlooking the picturesque seaside town and feature fast, flowing sections, frequent changes of rhythm and blind and open corners with rapid climbs and descents. The night stages, which are popular with fans, add to the drama and excitement and there will be serious competition with the event also counting as a round of the Italian championship in 2013.

Day 1 will be closed by the classic long night stage that resumes the three previous disputed stages, that’s to say Coldirodi, Apricale and
Vignai, like in the past editions. This year, though, is going to be a little different it won’t start and finish near San Romolo, but will start at Coldirodi and will get to Badalucco, in order to reach the magic length of 55,400 km and becoming one of the longest Special Stages in European events.

The Sanremo Rally will take place from October 8th to 12th and will comprise 10 Special Stages, all of them in the Imperia Province, with a total route of 459,29 km including 232,91 timed kilometers. The event will actually start on Friday October 11th at 14h00 with the start of the first of the two legs. Final Arrival will be at 18h04 on Saturday October 12th with the Prizegiving Ceremony held on the arrival platform.

Once again Rallye Sanremo will have Race Direction at Royal Hotel, while the Press Office will be located at the old railway station. The service park is located on the banks of the Mediterranean close to San Remo’s famous Casino.