Sardenaira and Torta di Verdura: A Culinary Journey Through the West Liguria Riviera

Today, we invite you to discover two traditional dishes that embody the true essence of West Liguria cuisine: Sardenaira and Torta di Verdura.

Sardenaira: A Treasure of Liguria Cuisine

Sardenaira has ancient roots and is believed to be influenced by a blend of Provençal cuisine and Neapolitan pizza. However, it has acquired its own distinctive identity in Liguria, where it has become a true symbol of traditional cuisine. It can be enjoyed both as an appetizer and as a full meal, either cold or freshly baked. While it resembles pizza, its texture and taste are closer to focaccia.


Ingredients and Preparation
The base of Sardenaira is a leavened dough, similar to that of pizza but with some key differences. The ingredients for a perfect Sardenaira include tomato sauce, anchovies, black olives, and garlic. These are arranged on a thick, soft dough and baked until golden to ensure the crust’s crispiness.

Torta di Verdura or Torta Verde (Vegetable Pie): The Other Star of Liguria Cuisine

Vegetable Pie is another typical dish that represents the versatility and richness of Ligurian cuisine. Originally a humble dish, it has become a symbol of how simple ingredients can transform into a delicious meal. It is also ideal for an appetizer or as a complete dish. The beauty of Vegetable Pie is that it can be cooked in various variations, depending on one’s tastes and preferences.

Torta di Verdure or Torta Verde

Ingredients and Preparation
Vegetable Pie is the result of a variety of vegetables—often zucchini, chard, or artichokes—mixed with Parmesan cheese, eggs, and rice. All of this is then wrapped in a pastry sheet and baked until golden.

Where to Enjoy Them in San Remo (According to Us)
• La Tavernetta on Via Palazzo
• La Taverna in Piazza Borea D’Olmo
• La Teglia on Corso Garibaldi

Sardenaira and Vegetable Pie are not just delicious dishes; they are a journey into the culture and history of Liguria. Savoring them is like discovering a piece of the heritage that makes this region so special.

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Buon appetito and happy exploring!

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