Skiing in Riviera: Limone Piemonte

It is amazing to know that just 50 min drive from Sanremo, you can find one of the most fascinating ski resort of North Italy: Limone Piemonte

80 km of runs, 16 ropeways, a wonderful conch which links the 3 valleys and offers both begginers and experts the chance to choose their level of difficulty: this is the Riserva Bianca’s visiting card in Limone Piemonte province of Cuneo.
This ski area, already gives the so called “Regione delle Alpi del Mare” (low Piemonte, Liguria di Ponente and Costa Azzurra) a decidedly convenient and easy tourism: obviously close at hand for the three above stated areas, it gives people the chance to ski in a resort at competative prices and where the runs (although some ski lifts are still to be totally completed), give great satisfaction for those who love skiing in a place where the environment is both fascinating and wild.
There is no doubt about the beauty of the scenery at the Riserva Bianca: all you need to do is spend a day in the conch of Limone Piemonte to realize the uniqueness of the place. In winter it nearly always has natural snow and a temperature which allows you to ski in comfort, unlike some of the other known resorts in the Alps.

As far as the quality of the runs is concerened it has been approved not only by the fact that the  Isolde Kostner, Olimpic Champion national French and Italian teams trained at the Riserva Bianca last year, but also by a statement made to the papers by the champion Isolde Kostner after training: «The impression I have after these days of training is unquestionably positive. Even though the runs are not yet at the level of the major national and international ski resorts, Limone offers extraordinary runs which can easily compare with first class resorts such as val d’Isère. I really believe that if Limone adapted their structures to the modern skiing and snowboard demands of the times it would be in the running to compete with even the most established resorts ».