10 good reasons to visit San Remo

    Our climate is extraordinarily mild in every season. The town is positioned on a gulf in the Ligurian sea, surrounded by hills and is rich with Mediterranean vegetation. These have contributed to make it one of the most famous climate-friendly resorts in Europe with Nice, with its international airport, only 60 km away. The warm and clean seawater, the beautiful beaches, the vivid and bright colours of the landscape, the facilities which enable visitors to play several aquatic sports and the opportunity to observe cetaceans in their natural habitat guarantee visitors a pleasant and relaxing holiday.
    The Riviera’s railway line was designed to hug the shoreline when it was first built in the 19th century. Since then, the main railway line has been relocated underground, and the former line has been turned into a traffic-free cycling route with nearly unbroken views of the sea for about 24 kilometers. Bikers, pedestrians, and joggers all enjoy this car-free coastal route, which is dotted with palm trees, gardens, and beachside cafés. In Sanremo, there are a plethora of outlets to hire a bike, making the city ideal for bikers of all abilities.
    The town overlooks the sea and visitors can walk along its entire length remaining connected to the sea. The centuries-old port has remained active to cater for the fishermen’s boats, whilst the new marina of Portosole, caters for hundreds of yachts from all over the world.
    Everybody is aware of the annual Sanremo Song Festival (Festival della Canzone di Sanremo), which has been taking place in February/March for over 70 years. However, musical events and shows are abundant and of a high level during all seasons but most particularly during summer when the entire town becomes involved. These events take place in the piazzas of the historic town, and in open-air theatres. Another regular event which takes place during Spring is the Flower-float parade. It provides an incredible show, a performance dedicated to Sanremo’s spring everlasting and the local floricultural production.
    It is one of the oldest in Italy and is housed in a good-looking Art Nouveau building in the town’s best suburb, near the grand hotels. Beside the traditional gambling halls, it has a large area with poker machines. Bars, restaurants, a theatre offering a program of theatre shows and concerts further cater for every form of entertainment.
    Sanremo’s shops are rightly famous for their elegance. All the most prestigious names in fashion and perfumerie are represented here, particularly in central Via Matteotti and nearby streets. Shops are often open on Sundays too, and during summer shopping hours extend into the evening. And just outside of town, a short shuttle ride away, is “The Mall Sanremo“, the Riviera’s largest and greatest Outlet shopping center, featuring just about every Italian luxury brand you can think of, from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani to Versace… all at discounted prices!
    Italian cooking is famous worldwide; Ligurian cooking will be a rare find. It consists of simple and tasty ingredients such as fish, vegetables, and herbs seasoned with locally produced olive oil. Ligurian food must be enjoyed with the accompaniment of good local wines – both white and red. There are many restaurants in Sanremo offering a vast selection; from the most sophisticated food to simple yet always excellent pizzas.
    Sanremo isn’t just a holiday destination. It also has a history, which is clearly visible in some parts of the town, such as the historic centre which was built on a hill during the middle Ages. Narrow and steep lanes lead to the church from where one can enjoy an exceptional view. The town centre contains some handsome 1600s buildings: one of these houses the town’s civic museum or “Museo Civico”. The Mediaeval cathedral dedicated to San Siro dates back to the thirteenth century, but most buildings were constructed early in the twentieth century in an eclectic and modern style. The characteristic houses of the fishermen can be found in the area around “porto vecchio” as in many Ligurian seaside towns.
    The period between the “Belle Epoque” and the early post-WW1 years can be rediscovered through a walk which is of historical as well as architectural and botanical interest, starting from Villa Ormond, which is set in a splendid park, past Villa Zirio, where Friedrich the Third, the king of Prussia and the German Emperor lived. Lastly to Villa Nobel, the last residence of the famous Swedish inventor with the same name.
    A few kilometres from Sanremo there are other lovely seaside towns, which are both elegant and vibrant, and the valleys, which run inland from the coast. Here arise picturesque villages surrounded by olive groves where, time seems to have stalled since the previous century, thus nature flourishes and the local food specialties can be tasted.

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Skiing in Riviera: Limone Piemonte

It is amazing to know that just 50 min drive from Sanremo, you can find one of the most fascinating ski resort of North Italy: Limone Piemonte

80 km of runs, 16 ropeways, a wonderful conch which links the 3 valleys and offers both begginers and experts the chance to choose their level of difficulty: this is the Riserva Bianca’s visiting card in Limone Piemonte province of Cuneo.
This ski area, already gives the so called “Regione delle Alpi del Mare” (low Piemonte, Liguria di Ponente and Costa Azzurra) a decidedly convenient and easy tourism: obviously close at hand for the three above stated areas, it gives people the chance to ski in a resort at competative prices and where the runs (although some ski lifts are still to be totally completed), give great satisfaction for those who love skiing in a place where the environment is both fascinating and wild.
There is no doubt about the beauty of the scenery at the Riserva Bianca: all you need to do is spend a day in the conch of Limone Piemonte to realize the uniqueness of the place. In winter it nearly always has natural snow and a temperature which allows you to ski in comfort, unlike some of the other known resorts in the Alps.

As far as the quality of the runs is concerened it has been approved not only by the fact that the  Isolde Kostner, Olimpic Champion national French and Italian teams trained at the Riserva Bianca last year, but also by a statement made to the papers by the champion Isolde Kostner after training: «The impression I have after these days of training is unquestionably positive. Even though the runs are not yet at the level of the major national and international ski resorts, Limone offers extraordinary runs which can easily compare with first class resorts such as val d’Isère. I really believe that if Limone adapted their structures to the modern skiing and snowboard demands of the times it would be in the running to compete with even the most established resorts ».


A place in the sun in Italy?

If you are looking for a place in the sun in Italy, Western Liguria is the right place:

  • Here you get more than the sunshine – Liguria makes you smile.
    Liguria’s people are happy people, provide you with good Mediterranean food and the best climate in the world.
  • If  for instance, you settle near the town of Sanremo you get more than good food, sunshine, sandy beaches and wonderful climate, here you have the best of both worlds: beautiful shops, nice cafes, but also Theatre, Casino and of course the close proximity of Monte Carlo with its racing circuit and all the sophistication of the world of their discerning residents.
  • The Italian Rivera has been the summer residence of European Royalty for centuries, they appreciated the advantages of a healthy climate long ago and this has not changed. Many of the old palaces and Villas, once occupied only by one Royal family, have now been converted into apartments, with all the old charm and glamour, yet with modern living in mind. Beautiful parks and wonderful views abound. Also, lovely villages full of charm and history are scattered throughout the hinterland.
  • Western Liguria is famous for its unique climate (the mildest in Italy all year round)
  • The nearest airport is the International Airport of Nice (France) at only 40 min drive, with dozen of flights to London and connections worldwide (it is the 2nd hub in France). In Italy, Genoa airport is at 1 h drive while the private airport of Villanova “Clemente Panero” is just  20 min away.

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Next events on Sanremo

  • 50° Rallye di Sanremo

The 50th edition of the Rally of Sanremo, valid for the Absolute Italian Championship, the South-West Europe Cup and the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, will take place on 25th to 27th September 2008 as usual in the hinterland of the Province of Imperia. With its 12 special races covering 258.51 km for a total distance of 646.79 km, the rally will use the promenade and the ex-railway station located in the heart of Sanremo as its logistic centre, where visitors will be able to view the village and the vehicles.

  • Sanremo International Volley Cup

The 24th edition of the Sanremo Volley Cup, 16th Dado Tessitore Memorial, will be held from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th September. Some of the most important international volleyball clubs will take part in this traditional female volleyball competition. The Nuova Lega Pallavolo Sanremo has invited three Italian teams (Bergamo, Novara and Pavia) for the 2008 edition, as well as the French volleyball team of Cannes, the Russian volleyball team of Saint Petersburg and the Chinese champions of Liaoning. The event will take place in the Volley Arena of the Flower Market of Valle Armea, especially transformed into an authentic indoor stadium for the event.

  • XII International Festival of Musical Bands

The XII edition of the International Festival of Musical Bands returns to Sanremo from 3rd – 5th October. This international event will give visitors the chance to see Sanremo dressed with the colours of historical and folkloric uniforms and to be greeted by the fascinating sounds of national and international bands, gathered to amaze both young and old alike!!!

  • World coastal rowing championship

From 16th to 19th October, 2nd World Championship, 8th coastal rowing international show that will take place in Sanremo after three editions of Italian International Championship. It represents a rowing competition with fixed and movable seat with crews coming from all over the world and will give rowers, who have taken part in the Olympic Games of Beijing, the opportunity to enter the competition.

  • Sanremo PGA Championship

11th Championship of Italian PGA masters – The Maestri Championship of Italian PGA got to its 11th edition. It represents an important event of the national professional calendar and is played according to a particular playing system where a PGA professional master is paired up with an amateur.  22/23 October

  • Great wing shooting competitions

1st round of the 10th Grand Prix Nations Cup 2008. A shooting contest with its usual fantastic location and flawless organization.  31/10 and 1st November

  • “Premio Tenco 2008”

From 6th to 8th November, as usual, many important Italian singer- songwriters will be participating, in this event. The Tenco Awards will be assigned. During the 3-day event there will be exhibitions, record and book previews and a convention about the “art song”.

  • Jubilmusic 2008

Founded in 2000, the year of Big Jubilee, the Sanremo Soul Music Association presents the “Jubilmusic – International Festival of Christian Music”. Every year, the event involves some thousand people and several Artists and Witnesses coming from all over the world, from 20th to 23rd November

  •  Marathon by the sea

The Marathon by the Sea will take place on the next 7th December. It is the first marathon in the world running along the seaside within the Coastal Park of the Ligurian Ponente (Western Riviera). A completely flat route, which will also captivate the most disenchanted people.

In Sanremo every day is a special day…

Fly to Liguria

The easiest way to reach the Riviera dei Fiori is to fly into Nice, which is 35 minutes from the Italian border.

EasyJet flies to Nice from Belfast, Bristol, Liverpool, London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stansted, Newcasle Bruxelles, Berlin, Dortmund, Paris, Geneve and Basel.

Ryanair flies to Nice from Dublin and to Toulon (1h 30 from Itay) from London Stansted.

The other way is fly to Genoa from London Stansted with Ryanair.

Of course, you can use the traditional Airlines as British Airways, Alitalia, Air France from London City to Nice! , BMI, Aerlingus, etc