Top 5 Luxury Locations in West Liguria for Homebuyers

West Liguria has a vast selection of possibilities for luxurious properties that are likely to catch the eye of the sophisticated buyer. This area, well-known for its exquisite coastlines, rich history, and incomparable lifestyle, offers the perfect setting for a luxurious property. We at LiguriaHomes Casamare are happy to show you the top 5 exceptional areas in West Liguria where you can discover your ideal home.

West Liguria

San Remo: The Riviera’s Crown Jewel

The definition of grace and style is best shown by San Remo, also known as the “Town of Flowers.” It offers a wide variety of luxurious hotels and is well-known for its casino, the Sanremo Music Festival, all-yesr events, and its historic centre known as “La Pigna.” San Remo is a popular destination for the affluent who seek both heritage and innovation. There are seaside villas and panoramic penthouses there.

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Ospedaletti: A Serene Haven

Ospedaletti, tucked between San Remo and Bordighera, is a hidden gem that provides a peaceful lifestyle along with the advantages of luxury and exclusivity. It draws visitors looking for luxurious apartments and villas with unrivalled sea views because of its temperate climate and peaceful beaches. For the wealthy house buyer, its quiet setting is the ideal getaway.

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Bordighera: The City of Palms

Bordighera offers a singular fusion of natural beauty and cultural depth with its exotic palm palms and thriving art scene. The city provides luxurious villas and cutting-edge apartments, many of which have own gardens and swimming pools. The sea and the city’s creative offerings are both within easy reach of a magnificent Bordighera villa, making it the perfect location for the affluent culture elite.

We’ll gladly give you additional information at our real estate agency in Bordighera.

Santo Stefano al Mare: Maritime Elegance

The wealthy buyer who enjoys the sea can live a nautical lifestyle in Santo Stefano al Mare. Those who enjoy sailing and other water sports love it because of its contemporary marina “Marina degli Aregai”  facilities. The jewels in this charming town’s real estate crown are high-end condos with waterfront views into the Marina and the typical ancient fishermen houses in the heart of the village.

Our estate agency in Santo Stefano al Mare can share more info with you.

Imperia: Historical Charm Meets Modern Luxury

Home to the beautiful Porto Maurizio and the modern Oneglia, Imperia is a city of contrasts, making it all the more appealing for luxury homebuyers. From historic mansions to modern villas, Imperia offers a wide range of luxury properties that cater to diverse tastes. The city is also a culinary delight, further enhancing its appeal to the high-class buyer.

For more advices, come visit our real estate agency in Imperia.

West Liguria is not just a location; it’s a lifestyle choice that offers unparalleled luxury and diversity. Each of these top locations has its unique set of features, offering high-class properties that cater to an exclusive clientele. LiguriaHomes Casamare invites you to explore these options and find a location that resonates with your vision of luxury living.

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